Corporate History

Nov. 1955 Kaise Electric Works, Ltd. incorporated with capital stock of 1 million yen. Shiro Kaise assumed the president.
Jan. 1971 Head office moved to newly constructed factory in Hayashinogo, Ueda, Nagano.
Sep. 1979 Digital Multimeter recognized as "excellent product" of Japan medium and small companies products fair.
May 1980 SK-6160 Digital Multimeter, the successful product, enhanced KAISE's brand value.
Sep. 1982 Factory expanded with newly constructed plant.
Jan. 1987 The former president, Shiro Kaise assumed the chairman. The former executive director, Hideo Kaise assumed the president.
Jul. 1987 Company's name renamed into "Kaise Corporation".
Nov. 1990 Capital stock increased into 88 million yen.
May 1995 CE marking approved products launched on market.
Jan. 2006 The former president, Hideo Kaise assumed the Senior Advisor. The former executive director, Hideyuki Kaise assumed the Managing Director.
Oct. 2006 Participated in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2006.
Nov. 2008 Participated in Electronica in Germany.
Feb. 2010 SK-8402 O2 Sensor Checker launched.
Jul. 2013 SK-8535 Battery Checker launched.
Feb. 2014 Participated in Beijing AMR2014 Auto Maintenance & Repair Expo.
Aug. 2014 SK-3800 Handy mΩ Tester launched.
Dec. 2014 SK-2500 Handy Oscilloscope launched.
Jun. 2015 Participated in Tokyo Auto Service Show 2015
Jun. 2016 KG-300 Ignition Analyzer launched.