Make a social contribution
with reliable electric
measuring instruments.

Photograph by Hideyuki Kaise

Managing Director

Hideyuki Kaise

"To achieve social contribution with reliability and integrity"

For about 60 years since our founding in 1955, KAISE has been involved in the development, production, and sales of Electric Measuring Instruments under this corporate philosophy.

Our products are mainly used in electric and automotive maintenance fields for measuring the invisible element, "Electricity". In such fields, Accuracy and Reliability are the essential requirements to our products. With focusing on these points, we are intending to generate further product's value. Simple-to-use operation, useful function, reliable quality, quick and thoughtful service - throughout our business activity, we would like to pursue the word, "integrity".

We believe that this is our company mission to our customers and business partners. We would like to strengthen the constructive relationship with fulfilling this responsibility.

The rapidly change of recent world situation have far-reaching consequences. Although in this difficult situation, we will be committed to developing new and valuable products without becoming intimidated by such changes. We would like to be the company that can respond quickly against significant changes with keep having broad perspective and close relationship with our customers.

Want to make a social contribution through electric measuring instruments - the all of our staff members have the same passion as working in "KAISE team". We will keep innovating with striving our best to be more trusted company.