SK-8550 Version Upgrade Information

You can download the program file to upgrade for free. Read the procedure below before upgrading. (Supported OS: Windows XP/vista/7/8/10/11)

Upgrade procedure

  • Step 1
    Click the blue download button above to download and save the program data ( to your desktop. Please unzip the saved zip file.
  • Step 2

    Step 2 Image
    Connect SK-8550 to your PC and open the SK-8550 Removable Disk. (Leave the removable disk empty)
    In the folder SK8550_ UPDATE_VER308, copy the folder 8550_UP and the file SK8550.HBN to the removable disk of SK-8550.
  • Step 3

    Step 3 Image
    Disconnect SK-8550 from the PC and reconnect it. Before disconnecting the USB cable, always instruct the PC to disconnect the USB cable. Do not disconnect the USB cable during the update, as the update will start automatically when you reconnect.
  • Step 4

    Step 4 Image
    When the update is complete, the completion screen appears and the machine restarts. If the SoftVer number on the screen is updated to the latest version, the update is complete. Tell the PC to disconnect the USB cable.
SK-8550 version upgrade history
Update Date Contents Software
June 3, 2024 ■ Idle stop battery format: M-65 / N-70 / N-80 / Q-100 / Q-105 / S-115 / T-125 added
*Reserve free space on the removable disk because the amount of data is large. Also, the update takes time.
Ver 3.08
January 5, 2023 ■ Auxiliary Battery Type for Hybrid Vehicles: 335LN0 / 345LN0 / 345LN1 / 355LN1-G / 355LN1-F / 355LN2 / 390LN4 / 400LN5 / 375LN2-IS-G / 375LN2-IS-F / 390LN3-IS-G / 390LN3-IS-F / 400LN4-IS / 410LN5-IS / L4 / L5 / LN3 / LN4 / LN5 has been added.
■ Added measurement error indication in case of broken battery cable.(Display contents: Battery cable disconnected. Need replacing.)
If you see this error, the battery cable is broken, so purchase and replace the 800 battery cable.
Ver 3.07
April 13, 2021 ■ Auxiliary Battery Type for Hybrid Vehicles: L0 / L1 / L2 / L3 / LB2 / LB3 / LBN2 / LBN3 / 340LN0 / 355LN1 / 375LN2 / 380LN3 has been added.
Ver 3.05
July 8, 2019 ■ Battery Format: 125D26 / 145D31 added
■ Auxiliary battery type for hybrid vehicles: S42B20 / S55B24 added.
■ Idle stop battery format: M-55 / Q-90 / S-100 / S-105 / T-115 added
Ver 3.04
June 11, 2018 ■ Auxiliary battery type for hybrid vehicles: S75D31 / 360LN2 added
■ Idle stop battery format: M-44 / N-65 added
Ver 3.03
March 27, 2017 ■ Auxiliary battery type for hybrid vehicles: LN0 / LN1 / LN2 added
■ Data revision of 13 CCA standards for idling stop battery format.
■ Adding CCA Standard Print Settings.
Setting method: Select CCA standard value print setting from the menu screen → Select "Yes" to print CCA standard value during test report printing. (Preselection "No")
Ver 3.02
March 7, 2016 ■ Battery Checker SK-8550 Released. Ver 3.00