Digital Light Meter

For illuminance testing for indoor facilities 
Backlight LCD helps easy reading in dark place
Full-Auto Ranging
MAX/MIN measurement
Display Hold
Auto Power Off
Two measurement units : Lux and Fc

Product Catalog

Instruction Manual

- Backlight LCD - Rubber Grip
Easy reading even in the dark places. Assures good grip neatly fit in your hand
- MAX/MIN Measurement - Two measurement units

Maximum and minimum results can be

Lux and Fc are selectable.

- Auto Power Off - Display Hold

General Specifications
 Sensor  Silicon photodiode and filter
 Measuring Range

 0 to 99990Lux, 0 to 9999Fc

 Range Selection  Auto
 Power Supply  9V 6F22 Battery x 1
 Power Consumption  Normal : 3mA  /  Backlight : 4mA
 Dimensions  192(H) x 67(W) x 44(D)mm
 Weight  Approx. 198g (include battery)
 Accessories  Battery (9V 6F22 x 1 installed), Instruction Manual 
 Optional Accessories  1026 Carrying Case
Measurement Specifications
Range Accuracy Resolution
0.00 to 19.99 Lux

0 to 300 Lux : ±6%±3dgt
301 to 4000 Lux : ±6%
4001 to 99990 Lux : ±10%

0.01 Lux
20.00 to 199.9 Lux 0.1 Lux
200 to 9999 Lux 1 Lux
1000x10 to 9999x10 Lux 10 Lux

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