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General Catalog Vol. 3 (5.5MB)
  Product Catalog - Field Measuring & Factory Testers
Clamp Meters
SK-7602/7603 Digital Clamp Meter 7602-03 CatalogE.pdf (730KB)
SK-7660/7661 Digital Clamp Meter 7660-61 CatalogE.pdf (875KB)
SK-7682 Digital Clamp Meter 7682 CatalogE.pdf (766KB)
SK-7640/7706/7708 Digital Clamp Meter 7640-7706-7708 CatalogE.pdf (935KB)
SK-7820/7825 Leakage Clamp Meter 7820-25 CatalogE.pdf (825KB)

Insulation Tester / Earth Tester

SK-3500/3502 Digital Insulation Tester 3500-02 CatalogE.pdf (553KB)

Analog Insulation Testers & Earth Tester

3000 CatalogE.pdf (480KB)

Digital Multimeters

SK-6597/6598 Digital Probe Tester 6597-6598_CatalogE.pdf (615KB)
SK-6555 Digital Multimeter 6555 CatalogE.pdf (727KB)
SK-6592 Digital Probe Tester 6592 CatalogE.pdf (800KB)
SK-4033/4035 Bench-top Digital Multimeter 4033_4035 CatalogE.pdf (712KB)

Other Testers

KG-70 Digital Sound Level Meter KG70 CatalogE.pdf (1.3MB)
KG-75 Digital Light Meter KG75 CatalogE.pdf (1.3MB)
SK-8301 Triaxial ELF Magnetic Field Meter 8301 CatalogE.pdf (805KB)
SK-6850 Digital Temperature Meter 6850 CatalogE.pdf (567KB)
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