Improved probe tester with enhanced functions
True RMS AC/DC conversion
High frequency in AC Voltage up to 30kHz
Current measurement up to 400mA AC/DC
MAX/MIN and Difference measurement
Clear buzzer sound for continuity test
Easy-to-read large LCD

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Instruction Manual

General Specifications
 Frequency Characteristic

 ACV :  50Hz to 30kHz (4/40V), 50Hz to 500Hz (400/600V)
 ACA :  40Hz to 500Hz

 Safety Standards

 IEC-61010-1 (CAT III 600V,  EMC test passed)

 Power Supply  1.5V LR44  ~  2
 Fuse  F22 (0.5A/600V / 6.3ƒ³~ 32mmj x 1
 Dimensions & Weight  209(H)~38(W)~32(D)mm,  110g

 100-68 Test Lead (x 1, black), 780 Insulation Cap (x 1, red),
 781 Test Lead Insulation Cap (x 1, black) 
 Battery (1.5V LR44 x 2), Instruction Manual

 Optional Accessories

 1026 Carrying Case

 792R Straight Test Pin (Red)
 940 Alligator Clips  793 Coil-Type Contact Pin
 948 Alligator Clips @

Measurement Specifications
@ Range Best Accuracy Input Impedance
DC Voltage


}0.5%rdg}3dgt   10M to 100Mƒ¶

AC Voltage

 4/40/400/600V }1.5%rdg}5dgt 10M to 11Mƒ¶
Frequency (V)  1.00Hz to 100.0kHz }0.2%rdg}2dgt @
Duty Cycle  0.0“ to 99.9“


DC Current  40/400mA


AC Current  40/400mA


Frequency (A)  10.00Hz to 1kHz }0.2%rdg}2dgt @


Continuity  Buzzer at approx. 50ƒ¶ or less, Open circuit voltage : Approx. 0.44V
Diode Test  Open circuit voltage : Approx. 1.7V
Capacitance  50n/500n/5u/50u/100ƒÊF


Other Functions  MAX/MIN, Difference, Range Hold, Display Hold, Auto Power Off

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