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General Catalog Vol. 3 (5.5MB)
  Product Catalog - Automotive Testers 
Handy Oscilloscope
SK-2500 Handy Oscilloscope 2500_CatalogE.pdf (2.6MB)

Handy Milli-Ohm Tester
SK-3800 Hady Milli-Ohm Tester 3800 CatalogE.pdf (3.7MB)

Battery Checker
SK-8535 Battery Checker 8535 CatalogE.pdf (2.7MB)

Clamp Meters
SK-7830 Low Current DC Clamp Meter 7830 CatalogE.pdf (384KB)
SK-7660/7661 Digital Clamp Meter 7660-61 CatalogE.pdf (875KB)
SK-7682 Digital Clamp Meter 7682 CatalogE.pdf (766KB)

Insulation Tester

SK-3500/3502 Digital Insulation Tester 3500-02 CatalogE.pdf (553KB)

Digital Multimeters

SK-6592 Digital Probe Tester 6592 CatalogE.pdf (800KB)

Digital Tachometer

SK-8401 Digital Tachometer 8401 CatalogE.pdf (1.1MB)

O2 Sensor Checker

SK-8402 O2 Sensor Checker 8402 CatalogE.pdf (1.0MB)
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