Resistance Testers
O2 Sensor / Battery
Clamp Meters
Digital Multimeters
Digital Tachometer
Test Leads / Test Pins

100-41 Test Lead Kit

Flexibly assemble test lead kit useful for various kinds of

100-72 Oscilloscope Test Lead Set

Special test lead set for vehicle measurement with 
SK-2500 Handy Oscilloscope. 

100-62 Test Lead Set

Combinations of useful
components from 100-41.

100-63 Test Leads

+ / - integrated connector
that can hardly pulled out
during measurement.

100-57 Test Leads

Gold-plated pins assures
long-lasting contact.

792 Straight Test Pin

Extra fine and elastic test
pins only 0.5mm diameter.

793 Coil-Type Contact Pin

Extra fine test pin that can
attach on the test lead tips.

944 Test Pin

Extra fine and elastic test
pin that can insert into the
backside of insulation

946 Battery Clip

Large alligator clip that can
hold the battery terminal

940 Alligator Clip

Useful clips that can hold
the object to be measured
for safety measurement.

948 Alligator Clip

CE marked Alligator Clip for safety measurement.

Clamp Adapters

AC/DC Clamp Adapter

Up to 400A AC/DC
measurement in  
combination with Digital Multimeters.

RPM Sensors

650 RPM Sensor

For the engine with High Tension Cable

653 RPM Sensor

For Direct Ignition engine

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