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O2 Sensor / Battery
Clamp Meters
Digital Multimeters
Digital Tachometer
Handy Oscilloscope

2-channels hand-held oscilloscope
especially for car maintenance.
Waveform and digital multimeter modes.
Auto-set function for car sensors and
signals (Car Maintenance List).
Screen Capture function
Data Logger function 
Trigger and Cursor functions

Product Catalog

Instruction Manual

General Specifications
 Display (LCD)  Dot matrix LCD (240x128 dots), 53mm(H) x 92mm(W)
 Display Language  English (default), Japanese
 Measurement Items

 DC/AC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency, Duty Cycle,
 Pulse Width, Temperature

 Frequency Bandwidth  DC to 200kHz
 Max. Sampling Rate  2MS / sec.
 Number of Channels  2 channels
 Oscilloscope Mode  Waveform display for Voltage measurement
 DMM Mode

 Numeric measurement (DC/AC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity,
 Frequency, Duty Cycle,  Pulse Width, Temperature)

 Safety Standards  EN61010-1 (CAT II 300V, class 2), EN61326-1
 Power Supply

 Internal : 1.5V LR6 or R6P Batteries x 4
 External : USB mini-B connector (DC 5V)

 Dimensions & Weight  162(H)~167(W)~35(D)mm, 570g (excluding batteries)

 Holster, 100-57 Test Leads, 903 AC/DC Adapter, 934 USB Cable,
 1035 Carrying Case, Batteries (1.5V R6P x 4), Instruction Manual

 Optional Accessories

 660 AC/DC Clamp Adapter

 100-57R Red Test Lead
 100-72 Oscilloscope Test Lead Set  100-41 Test Lead Kit 
 100-62 Test Lead Set  653 RPM Sensor (Direct Ignition)
 650 RPM Sensor (High Tension Cord)  940 Alligator Clips
 793 Coil-type Contact Pin  944 Test Pin
 946 Battery Clip  818-02 Temperature Probe
Measurement Specifications
(Graph Mode)
V / Div. Accuracy
200mV / 2V / 20V } 4 dot
500mV / 5V / 50V / 200V } 2 dot
1V / 10V / 100V / 500V } 1 dot

DMM mode

Range Accuracy Resolution Max. Input

DC Voltage

200.0mV }1.0%rdg}8dgt 100uV 1000V DC
2.000V 1mV
20.00V 10mV
200.0V 100mV
1000V }1.0%rdg}5dgt 1V

AC Voltage
(AC V rms)


}2.0%rdg}8dgt (45Hz to 1kHz)
}2.5%rdg}8dgt (1kHz to 10kHz)
}4.0%rdg}8dgt (10kHz to 20kHz)
}6.0%rdg}8dgt (20kHz to 30kHz)


600V AC

20.00V 10mV
200.0V 100mV

}2.0%rdg}5dgt (45Hz to 1kHz)
}2.5%rdg}5dgt (1kHz to 10kHz)

Resistance 2.000kƒ¶ }1.0%rdg}8dgt 1ƒ¶ @
20.00kĦ 10Ħ
Other Functions

 Continuity, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, Temperature

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